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Soraya Tsantilis Sells Fashion on the Internet

‘The wife of businessman Dimitris Tsantilis, one of the most elegant Greek socialites, is now giving lessons on Style, through the electronic boutique created for strictly shopping in style!’

Always hunted by the paparazzi, a woman whose every appearance drew photographers’ attention and has been acknowledged by various representatives of high-fashion as the Elegant Cosmopolitan and the High Priestess of Style.

Soraya, wife of businessman Dimitris Tsantilis – of the Tsantilis fashion stores family-, has always loved fashion from a very young age. Born in Lebanon by a Greek-Lebanese –and successful businessman- father and Hungarian mother, Soraya is raised between Lebanon and Nigeria. However, her love for fashion is discovered while in the United Kingdom. Despite of her father insisting on her following in the family business, Soraya chooses to study Businees and Fashion Design at the American University of London. Within record time Soraya is found rubbing shoulders with famous fashion designers, attends the most prestigious fashion shows and works ‘Chatila’; a famous Jeweler that caters for London’s high society.

 “London, to this day, is my most beloved city in the world”, she admits and explains that: ‘It is a place where one feels as a citizen of the world, where the coexistence of various cultures, habits and people broadens one’s horizons like nothing else. Shopping, moreover, is to die for! It’s impossible for me to visit London without going to ‘Selfridges’, ‘Harrods’ or ‘Harvey Nichols’, to see their amazing  windows which are always just so elegantly displayed!”

Although London remains even today her favorite destination, her schedule has Soraya traveling to many different countries annually, especially to places where fashion is the hot topic.

Soraya Tsantilis does not hide the fact that she is a big fan of fashion and that may lead from sifting through piles of clothes in Parisian boutiques to attending the most glamorous fashion events in Milan. “I have been traveling for years now, mostly for business”, she explains, “due to my husband’s previous engagement with the family business, we were visiting firms so as to discover new brands and merchandise to supply the company. My husband and I, enjoy the rejuvenating effect of traveling abroad, since we always tried to steal some time away form work to visit places we enjoy and always come back to; in London, I frequent the ‘Baron’, for its magnificent hamburgers, whereas when in Milan, we religiously visit ‘La Bricola’, cozy and cute restaurant, with the best value-for-money meals and a unique atmosphere!

The “Goddess of Style” has decided recently to channel her love of fashion into modern ventures; besides, ever since Soraya arrived in Greece in the 80s, fashion editors and socialite journalists still consider her an impressive woman with an excess of elegance and finesse. And so, after the many suggestions of her husband and social surroundings, who have always consulted her on matters of Style, Soraya has created her own e-shop at, a site that provides an abundance of style for a reasonable price. “The idea was formed by considering the needs of these recession-stricken times”, she explains, “We are nowadays looking for stylish clothes and accessories at affordable prices. Technology and my years of experience helped me achieve it. I am personally traveling through Europe today, looking for items I think are special and affordable to the broader public, using my husband’s connections with fashion firms, and so by eliminating middle-men, we have achieved extremely low costs. By passing on these savings, we offer our Greek customers access to European merchandise at better prices than usual, without ever having to leave their living room, at no extra charge.”

‘Styles to Love’ plans to grow beyond Greece, since Soraya and Dimitris are considering expanding to the Balkans, Turkey, Russia and the Middle East: “Our base of operations will always remain in Greece, but that does not impose any limitations for an international approach. No matter how suspicious foreigners are against Greeks at this time, we are certain that our products and services will draw the support of foreign markets.

Just like the ‘Mono&Me’ bracelets, which are adored by Britney Spears and Shakira, you will discover at your fingertips the Christmas gifts and charms on the site over the holidays.  “Some people claim that Style is something you are born with”, says Soraya Tsantilis, “I would say that a natural affinity to fashion is a requirement, but it can be only be properly cultured through experience, education and training. I am very happy that the younger generation of Greek women works out, minds their diet and are very eclectic in what they wear and buy.” We asked her for the one, most-stylish item in her wardrobe, to which Soraya replies, after some thought: “My Zatchels bag, which I acquired recently. I like it because its elegant, modern and inexpensive, just in the spirit of what shoppers are looking for these days! I even prefer it to the Chanel and Prada handbags I used to hold a few years ago…”

Photographs of Soraya & Dimitris Tsantilis taken by Alex Bouri.



People - Proto Thema - Sunday 15 February 2015

Maurice Tsantilis


Fashion Business

Maurice Tsantilis was born on December of 1992 in Washington DC.  His father is Dimitris Tsantilis of the renowned fashion-fabric business while his mother Soraya is a Persian aristocrat.  Maurice completed his high school studies in Athens College and carried on with his studies at Westminster University from which he graduated with Honors in Business and Management and Finance. After having finished his masters degree from Queen Mary University he decided that it was time to come back to Greece and implement all the knowledge and skills he had attained on the family business. The last years Maurice has been an active member of Mag Concept Limited that distributes among other things the famous o Bags of Fullspot in Greece and Cyprus. He loves travelling and dressing well, he hangs out at the most trendy places across Milan, Paris and New York, while loving a good cappuccino and fruit Daiquiri.  Maurice is an expert with using chopsticks, as he loves sushi.  Lastly he adores Greek islands, where he enjoys his summer vacations.